Best Restaurants near Pipestem Resort

Southern Virginia has a lot of amazing cuisine that you have to try. Pipestem Resort State Park has a few restaurants, but you can also find some in neighboring towns. Take a look at some of these restaurants to see what sounds the best to you!

Mountain Creek Fine Dining

Serves high-end food from all sorts of culinary worlds. You can grab an Italian meal, an American one, and in some cases a French one. You have free reign to try them all!

The Oak

Want some fine dining? The Oak is probably your best bet. They serve lobster, duck, beef, fish, and much more. Check out the menu and call in for a reservation!

Bluestone Dining Room

This is a full-service restaurant that serves all sorts of delicious food. Grab a tasty omelet for breakfast,  come back for shrimp tacos, and close the night with an expertly made burger! They have everything!